Four Reasons to Shop Brown's Shoe Fit in Fort Collins

Brown's Shoe Fit Store Fort Collins


When it comes to shopping for shoes, there’s no shortage of both online shops and brick-and-mortar locations. However, not all shoe stores are created equally. 

At Brown’s Shoe Fit of Fort Collins, we understand how important properly fitted, quality footwear is for overall health. Despite the influence that shoes have on posture, back and joint health, as well as potential injury and overall pain, many shoe stores still rely on low-cost, low-quality products to fuel their bottom line. 

At Brown’s Shoe Fit, we have been fitting people with comfortable, high-quality footwear for over 100 years. If you have a closet full of shoes that hurt your feet, or if you’re just looking for a new pair of shoes that you can comfortably wear to work, while exercising, or just strolling around town, we invite you to visit our website or check out our Fort Collins shoe store.  We strive to offer a different kind of shoe-shopping experience, and here are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest.  

Locally Owned and Operated

With more people choosing to support local businesses, we’re proud to share that we’re locally owned and operated – and have been for decades. Fort Collins has changed significantly over the years as many businesses have come and gone, but Brown’s Shoe Fit has been a staple in the community since the 1990s. We have a vested interest in Northern Colorado and want to serve our customers to the best of our ability because we live and work in the same place they do. 

Being locally owned and operated also means that we can stock our shoe store with the brands and styles that are most popular in Colorado. Stocking footwear that caters to walkers, runners, hikers, and people who just enjoy spending time outdoors is always a top priority, but we aren’t just an athletic shoe store. We also carry work shoes, sandals, dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, and more.   

Professional Shoe Fitting

One of the most notable things about Brown’s Shoe Fit is that we offer a type of service you’ll be hard-pressed to find at most other shoe stores. While other stores are usually set up with a “self-service” model that leaves you to fend for yourself to find, try on, and put away your shoes, we do just the opposite. Our full-service experience starts from the time you walk in the door and are greeted by one of our helpful staff. We’ll ask what you’re looking for, inquire about any issues or concerns, and will measure your feet to ensure a proper fit.

Most people already know their shoe size, so taking the time to have them measured may seem unnecessary, but here’s the thing – some people have been wearing the wrong shoe size for most of their life. Plus, when it comes to finding a good fit, it’s not just about the number. It’s important to also consider shoe construction, width, and arch support and how they relate to your individual needs. 

If that wasn't enough to think about, consider that shoe sizes are not created equally. One size will not fit the same from one shoe to another, or from one brand to another. You’ll even find different fits within the same brand of shoe. It’s no wonder why people have such a hard time finding shoes that feel good and provide a consistent fit on day one and every day thereafter that they choose to wear them. If you want our expert opinion on how to find the best footwear, don’t just focus on the size, focus on the fit. At Brown’s Shoe Fit, we’ll go above and beyond to help you find the boot, shoe, or sandal that feels the best.

Extensive Inventory

Many shoe stores focus on selling certain types of footwear, such as athletic shoes, or just offer a handful of brands, sizes, and styles. At Brown’s Shoe Fit of Fort Collins, we have an extensive selection of men’s and women’s boots, shoes, and sandals in a variety of styles and in a broad range of widths and sizes. Plus, we carry only the most trusted, well-made brands such as Brooks, Hoka, Dankso, Born, Ecco, Taos, Birkenstock, and more.

Do you have trouble finding shoes that fit right or feel good on your feet? Even if you haven’t had luck with a particular brand, you should know that styles and shoe designs will vary even within the same brand. Whether you need a shoe with a rigid sole, high arch, or a lot of cushioning, chances are we’ll have several brands and styles that will suit your need.  

Shop Online or In Store

Finding the right shoes shouldn’t be a hassle, and we understand that not everyone has the time or desire to shop at a physical store. If you already know what you’re looking for, or if you just prefer to shop when you want, in the comfort and convenience of your own home, know that Brown’s Shoe Fit offers online shopping as well. Anything purchased online can be returned or exchanged by mail or at our retail store with a receipt.

Through our website, you’ll have access to all of the quality, name-brand shoes found in our store, and more! Best of all, by ordering from us you’ll still be supporting a local, Colorado business.

Check Out Brown’s Shoe Fit in Fort Collins

Before you invest in that new pair of running shoes, trendy sandals, or slip-resistant work boots, you might want to remember that where you buy your footwear is almost as important as what you buy. At Brown’s Shoe Fit, we offer a different kind of shoe-buying experience that relies on professional fittings, an extensive inventory, and exceptional customer service. Stop by our store or visit our website and let us help you find the perfect shoe. We’re located just east of Trader Joe’s at 3500 S College Avenue, Suite 184, in Fort Collins.