Join Our Fort Collins Shoe Store in the Oboz Trail Experience!

If living in our beautiful state of Colorado isn’t reason enough to spend more time outside, here’s one more – the Oboz Trail Experience, brought to you by Oboz Footwear, Brown's Shoe Fit of Fort Collins, and Poudre Wilderness Volunteers. This event is designed to inspire outdoor enthusiasts and promote the exploration of Fort Collins's diverse and bountiful trails. 

During the month of September, participants are encouraged to explore the 20+  trails in the Fort Collins area.  In return, trail rewards will be unlocked for completing various trail segments. Anyone who completes 50 miles of the experience will have the opportunity to win one of five pairs of Oboz shoes. 

This event is expected to draw a diverse crowd, from seasoned hikers to amateur adventurers, as well as walkers, runners, and everything in between. The Oboz Trail Experience offers everyone, regardless of fitness level, the chance to enjoy the great outdoors while working towards a healthy and invigorating goal. So, strap on your hiking boots and accept the challenge – step into the wild and accumulate mileage on the diverse trails that Fort Collins has to offer!

Registration opens August 1st and the Trail Experience runs from September 1st through September 30th. Visit the Fort Collins Oboz Trail Experience Facebook page for more information, or go to the  Oboz Footwear website to register. 

About Oboz Shoes

Oboz shoes is a well-renowned brand, adored by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide for its remarkable quality and durability. Founded in 2007 in Bozeman, Montana, USA, the brand has established a significant reputation in creating boots, shoes, and sandals that are optimally designed for rugged terrains and challenging weather. The name "Oboz" is an abbreviation for "Outside Bozeman", which reflects the brand's profound attachment to wilderness and outdoor adventure.

Quality Construction and Comfortable Fit

What sets Oboz apart is their unwavering commitment to comfort, fit, and performance. Their shoes showcase practical designs integrated with modern technology, providing well-cushioned footbeds, excellent arch support, and robust traction, which are paramount for tackling a wide variety of outdoor activities, whether it's hiking, trail running, or backpacking.

Environmentally Conscious

Oboz shoes are also known for their dedication to the environment. The company plants a tree for each pair of shoes sold in partnership with Trees for the Future, an organization dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands. Moreover, they calculate and offset their carbon emissions, emphasizing the company's dedication to sustainability and preserving the environment. 

Community Involvement

Oboz is dedicated to building stronger communities through a love of the outdoors. This is evident in the launch of the Oboz Trail Experience, a community program aimed at promoting outdoor exploration. Furthermore, their products are exclusively sold through local independent retailers, another example of how the brand shows its support for local communities.

Find Men’s and Women’s Oboz Shoes at Brown’s Shoe Fit of Fort Collins

Oboz shoes and boots blend high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative design to provide footwear that is not only functional and stylish but also good for the planet. 

Whether you’re planning to join us in the Oboz Trail Experience or you’re just looking for a new pair of quality hiking boots or walking shoes, we invite you to shop Brown’s Shoe Fit of Fort Collins. Come visit our store or shop online from the convenience of home.